TMMN Exclusive: TruForce Collectibles Announces New Mega Man X Figure at NYCC

With the announcement of "Worlds Unite" a couple of days ago, we teased that there was more news for Mega Man fans set to come from New York Comic Con, and the time to pull back the curtain on that announcement is here!

TruForce Collectibles, a new up-and-coming collectibles company which "aims to provide high quality, cool action figures for a reasonable price," has obtained the license to produce a new Mega Man X figure with a unique design from any that have come before it. The official prototype (unpainted) is on display now at the New York Comic Con, but we have several high-quality images of this piece for you right here.

This version of X stands at 15 centimeters high, just a bit taller than the X figures to come out of the Figuarts line. Designed by Capcom artist Keisuke Mizuno with a unique art aesthetic, it features die-cast armor on the chest, shin armor, and feet, and contains over 20 points of articulation. And that's just for starters.

In the areas of customization, you'll find two pairs of hands (open and closed-fisted), a second "shouting" face you can swap in, changeable back thrusters (closed and opened), LED functionality in the X-Buster (which can be equipped on either arm), and a blast effect part that will slot into the cannon (though they're still sorting that out in terms of how it works).

The price has yet to be finalized, but there is some discussion about using Kickstarter to help fund the tooling costs for the figure, which looks to be one of, if not the highest-end Mega Man X collectible to date. To keep on top of what the company is up to and be updated on news of the Kickstarter, TruForce encourages fans to follow them on Twitter and/or Like them on Facebook.