Comcept Wants Your Opinion for Mighty No. 9

As you might recall, Comcept posted an update to their Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter page regarding a number of things, including their ideas on the prospect of voice acting, additional funding, and more. Suffice to say, for some, the update did not go over very well.

Fast forward to today, and Comcept has made it clear that they realize that they really did not convey their intent in the most favorable of terms.

"Basically, when we first talked about the possibility of adding voices in Mighty No. 9, we goofed up the announcement. :) Not in the actual substance of anything we said – which we proudly stand behind – but in the confusing language and frankly muddled way we announced it, which came out with other info (like the Mighty No. 9 animated series reveal) and left out some key details, resulting in some people getting only part of the message."
"We noticed that most of our backers and others who gathered all the facts were happy with the announcement, but many others were left wondering questions like 'Does Mighty No. 9 need more money? Didn’t the Kickstarter already do amazingly well?! Are they just greedy?!?'”

Hence their latest update, in which they try to break things down more clearly for everyone involved. Given that they've no doubt taken considerable effort to make sure they got their wording just right this time, we're not going to try to summarize it here; rather, we encourage you to click the link and make the call for yourself.

There, they cover the opening up to "slacker backers," break down the costs involved in getting voice acting, why they want voices in the first place, and the issue of the inclusion of Japanese versus English voice acting.

That said, for those who just want the gist, here is their own tl;dr version of it:

"All extra money from slacker backer rewards and upgrading Kickstarter pledges will go toward bonus features all early supporters of Mighty No. 9 will get for free! The first bonus goal was just reached at $100K, and will be for either Japanese or English voice acting – which will be decided by an upcoming backer vote! The next possible bonus feature will be announced soon!"