Rockman Takes You to Heaven Before X Sends You to Hell

Capcom of Japan is currently at work on two new arranged "concept" albums to be released in 2015, featuring songs from both the classic Rockman and X series.

The first, called Rockman Utopia, plays off of the more lighthearted tone of the Classic series by remixing it with a "light, refreshing style" which incorporates such musical styles as technopop and ethnic.

The second, Rockman Dystopia, is themed after the somewhat darker X series. In turn, it features a darker, more serious style by utilizing such styles as hard techno and rock.

Both albums are being produced by Basiscape, a name which might be familiar to those who checked out the 25th anniversary rock and techno arrange albums. They're partnered with Capcom's own sound team, featuring members such as Hiromitsu Maeba and Yasumasa Kitagawa.

In addition to the inclusion of booklets containing brand-new artwork, the first run of each CD will also feature a special paper craft insert.

Each album will retail for 3,300 yen, with Rockman Utopia leading the way to stores on January 14th and Rockman Dystopia's far-future exploits following less than a month later on February 11th.

Thanks to Heat Man for the tip from Gamer!