Mega Man Rocks 4th Place in Japanese Super Smash Bros. Tournament

So, how is everyone enjoying Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS so far?

On the other side of the Pacific, it seems they're enjoying the game just fine. The SHI_Gaming Umebura9 Smash tournament drew 192 participants, we're told, with a Mega-- er, Rockman player named Daiki claiming the fourth place spot. Not too shabby, given the total number.

If you can read Japanese, the rankings are posted here.

According to our tipster:

"Daiki made it all the way to the Winner's Semifinals before losing to Rain's Rosalina. He was ultimately eliminated by Choco's Zero Suit Samus, which went on to win the whole tournament. Notably, he was able to take a match in a Best of 3 against the eventual champ. The metagame is still young, but in a top four dominated by expected powerhouse characters, Daiki's Mega Man stands out. Japan has had the game for longer and has had more success in organizing tournaments with the 3DS so far, so their players are at the forefront of the evolving meta and this could indicate what high level Mega Man play will look like."

A pair of videos featuring Daiki's "last stand" against Choco and Rain can be viewed below.