The Mighty No. 9 Teaser That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Not only will it make your jaw drop, but you'll probably shout "no way!" or something as well. Suffice to say, it's a shocker, and may just blow your mind. Are you ready?

I said, are you ready?!

You guys just saw that, right?

Comcept adds:

Hey everyone!
More details on the potential bonus DLC content is coming up in the next update, but just FYI the "DLC" term is only there to say that, no matter what, this content wouldn't ship at the same time as the game. It would be need to be "DownLoaded," putting the "DL" in "DLC" :)
Otherwise, this content (whatever it is! :) would be "extra bonus content" the same as the voicework. That means that, if we reach the necessary funding via slacker backers needed to make it possible, it would be extra bonus content that ALL backers would get, free of charge! (The voicework will be included with the game at launch, and this DLC would come at some point later after that.)
Also, no one would be working on this DLC until their work on the full Mighty No. 9 retail release is finished. (Which, as some of you might know, is typically several months before any game ships for certain disciplines like artists and such.)
Hope that clears up a couple things -- as promised, full details and a lot more coming in the next update! Thanks for your questions (and those of you helping with answers), and for all of your continued support!! ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

Your guess is as good as ours on this one. According to the MPAA-ish screen at the start, we'll have answers soon, but until then, feel free to squee and speculate in the comments below.

Oh, and the Kickstarter update which brought this nifty little teaser notes that from 20,000 votes, English will be the language for the voice acting in the game.

Thanks to Breakman for the tip!