Mega Man X2 on Wii U Makes Us Say 'Yahoo!'

In a strange turn of events, there isn't much actually "new" in this week's Nintendo Download-- it's mostly stuff which came out last week, undoubtedly due to the Nintendo Network downtime experienced over the holidays. However, there are two new releases this week.

In addition to a free demo of Bravely Default, this week's Nintendo Download features none other than Mega Man X2 on the Wii U Virtual Console. As always, you can pay the flat $7.99 for the download, or you can chip in a mere buck-fifty to upgrade your Wii Virtual Console version to include such features as controller customization, off-TV play on the GamePad, save points, and Miiverse integration-- perfect for creating memorials and tributes to Green Biker Dude to your heart's desire!

That's all, though, and still no word from Capcom (we've checked) on what's happening with those Game Boy titles from a San Diego Comic-Con that feels like it took place so, so very long ago. On the other hand, maybe with the first two games out of the way, we can finally see a Super NES-perfect re-release of Mega Man X3?