Covers for Mega Man #36 Revealed

It's the moment we've all been waiting for, as Dr. Wily finally goes on trial in Mega Man #36's "A Chance for Redemption" from Archie this April! But is Wily really out to prove he's changed his ways, or is this just part of a big April Fool's joke?

(Yes, yes, we know... just play along. It's more fun that way.)


At this point, though, that's all we really know about this issue-- that, and what the alternate cover on Destructoid says about this being a "special jumping-on issue", which generally means that if you haven't been reading (for some reason), this is a good place to start!

In addition, Destructoid is teasing that more info on the Mega Man X storyline should surface in the coming weeks, so we'll be on hand and ready to deliver once that becomes available!