Track List and Cover Art for "For Everlasting Peace" Album

As we reported before, Capcom Unity is bringing two great Mega Man  25th anniversary albums to the fans. And now the fan designed covers have been revealed! Above is the cover for "For Everlasting Peace: 25 Years of Mega Man" by rnn. This is the same artist who brought the wonderful Mighty No. 9 piece that rallied so many fans! Also, the cover for "MM25: Mega Man Rocks" by Jessica D is below.

Additionally, Capcom Unity also released the full track list for For Everlasting Peace. There's a lot of great stuff on there! Check it out! 

Mega Man

"Searing Scissors" - Cut Man, AeroZ
"Breach" - Wily 1, Brandon Strader
"Bombs Away!" - Bomb Man, WillRock

Mega Man X

"Slow Your Roll" - Armored Armadillo, djpretzel / Diggi Dis
"Jungle Kuwanger" - Boomer Kuwanger, Phonetic Hero
"Electric Spark" - Spark Mandrill, Sixto Sounds

Mega Man Battle Network

"Amps Macabre" - Elec Man, ectogemia
"No Matter Where You Go, This Will Always Be Home" - AC/DC Town, Level 99
"Exchange" - Boundless Network, Radiowar

Mega Man Legends

"Hanmuru Moon" - Hanmuru Doll, Mazedude
"Gate Crasher" - Main Gate and Flutter vs the Gesellschaft, Nutritious
"Tres Bonne" - We're The Bonne Siblings Three, Rexy

Mega Man Zero

"Fluid Motion" - Crash (Boss Battle), Jakesnke17
"The Nightwatch" - Neo Arcadia HQ, Neblix
"Rubber Horse" - Fake, fredrikd

Mega Man ZX

"Dagger Vision (Second Sight mix)" - Area L Laboratory, DarkeSword
"Ore wa Rockman ZX!" -  Area C City, Helicopter Knife Fight
"Model Funk" - Area B Mountain Pass, Theory of N

Mega Man Star Force

"Spacegazer" - Deep Space Theme, Flexstyle
"Libra Funkadelic" - Libra Balance Stage, halc
"Falling Star" - Main Menu, Joshua Morse

Both "For Everlasting Peace" and "MM25" come out next month!