Update on the Rockman Ultrabook: It's Canned

In an update from Rockman Unity that's probably not surprising to many, considering we haven't heard about it since spring, Capcom of Japan's Rockman Ultrabook project has been given the axe.

For those who might not be aware what I'm speaking of (since, again, it's been a while), the Rockman Ultrabook was to be a specially Rockman  themed, high end notebook computer released in Japan. Users were able to vote on what kind of cosmetic features it would have. Until now, the last update we got was about a design contest for the box. I'm guessing nothing will come of the results to that.

I doubt too many will be upset at this development; it was a Japan only venture and honestly it's a lot more affordable to get a few Mega Man  decals and look up some wallpapers on Google. But it is once again a shame that another Mega Man  related project asked for input and designs from fans, only for nothing to come of it.