Rockman Unity Presents a Clue to Bandai's Next Mega Man D-Arts Figure

A new post on Rockman Unity appears ready to tip us off to the next D-Arts figure release from Bandai.

As his stocking was hung on the wall with some care, D-Arts Zero figures were spread out everywhere. When, what to his awakening eyes should appear, but a suspicious-looking card, with text lacking in cheer:

According to tipster Heat Man, it translates to "What if you regret making me a poseable figure...", a play on the line "What if you regret making me remember?" from Mega Man Zero's lead character.

The last iteration of this version of Zero was from Kotobukiya a couple of years ago, who has since dropped out of the Mega Man model-making business for the foreseeable future. With that said, are you ready for a fourth Zero figure in the D-Arts line?

On the one hand, it wouldn't surprise us to see repaints of the figure as well. On the other, one has to wonder if the tooling might be similar enough to get some figures of Copy X and the Four Guardians out of it, too.