Dead Rising 3 Shows a Little Mega Man X Love

Granted, this news is a little late in coming here, but given tonight is the launch of the Xbox One and its exclusive, Dead Rising 3, at least it's timely.

In the Dead Rising series, originally one of former Capcom developer Keiji Inafune's brainchildren, there has been a standing tradition of allowing the players to gather the pieces necessary to dress up as different characters from the Mega Man franchise, including X, Proto Man, and Dr. Wily. Though Inafune is gone, the tradition continues in Dead Rising 3, and goes right back to where we began with X... but with a twist, as the armor you'll now be assembling is his upgraded form from the original Mega Man X.

According to Polygon (who, strangely, refers to X as "a space-marine platform hero from a more gentle age"), you'll be able to enjoy all of the charging and running and shooting action by completing the game in Nightmare Mode. Once that's done, new protagonist Nick Ramos will be able to unleash X's unlimited potential for himself.

Thanks to Murkland for the tip (via!