Xover Gets a ZX World, OVER-Z Armor, and Boss Contest Winners

Time for another Rockman Xover  update, and this time it's being graced with World 10 - a Mega Man ZX  themed world. Furthermore, OVER-1 is getting a special Zero themed armor in the form of OVER-Z.

World 10 pits you against bosses Fistleo the Predatoroid, Lurrerre the Abysroid, Hurricaune the Wolveroid and Hivolt the Raptoroid. Naturally, Serpent will serve as the final boss.

The OVER-Z armor gives the player a huge attack boost, as well as a sizable defense boost. Surprised his boa doesn't turn blond, too.

Furthermore, you may recall that Capcom started a second boss contest for Rockman Xover , this time seeking bosses themed after Japan's 47 prefectures. The results are now in, and the four top designs will become Battle Memory cards in the game. These designs are: 

Curse Terror, representing Nagasaki. The name is actually a play on words for castella, which is a cake the prefecture is famous for. 

Hanabiman, representing Niigata. "Hanabi" means fireworks, and Niigata holds one of the most well known fireworks festivals in August.

Sudachiwoman, representing Tokushima. Sudachi is a green citrus fruit that is a specialty of Tokushima. 

Udonman, representing Kagawa. Kagawa is well known for its sanuki udon

Below is the actual official art for these characters. Yeah... 

Thanks to Django, Nigoli and Blind Nova for the info and images! Additional images via 4Gamer.net.