Johnny Vs. Mega Man 2, Mega Man 3, and The Wily Wars

You might recall a couple of weeks ago when we posted the first episode of the "Johnny Vs. Mega Man" marathon of reviews. This time out, he's joined by rival ClementJ642, who apparently has a good Let's Play channel where he's gone through the series before.

We hadn't planned to update about these with any great regularity, but after watching "Johnny Vs. Mega Man 3 & The Wily Wars" above, we figured we'd go ahead and share it (mainly after the Rush Jet part). Bear in mind, there is Not Safe For Work language, so only watch when your boss or mother aren't around.

And as long as we've posted the first and the third, we figured we might as well post the second, too, in case you're interested but haven't been following Johnny's channel since the first one: