Miss UDON's SDCC Exclusives? Worry Not!

SDCCEXCoverPic We're going to level with you: The San Diego Comic-Con kind of sucks. Don't get us wrong, it's all kinds of awesome, but having all of that awesomeness concentrated into one place is why it sucks; paying to go, paying to stay, paying to attend, and the worst part: Competing with everyone else who is doing the same, only to wind up cut off in the line for a panel or having stock of an exclusive run out. Where does that leave you then? (San Diego, we know; it's just an expression.)

Fortunately, it's not all bad news if you can't afford to even try to get these things. In the case of UDON Entertainment, they've revealed that not only will their SDCC exclusives be available at the Penny Arcade Expo Prime (PAX, where they're expected to sell through quickly), but also through their online store starting at Noon EST on Thursday, August 1st.

Among the goodies are the MM25: Mega Man & Mega Man X Official Complete Works Deluxe Blue Laser Foil Hardcover edition (the softcover version will be available in late August/early September), the World of Warcraft Tribute Limited Edition Hard Cover, The Art of Brutal Legend: Heavy Metal Slipcase Edition, and a whopping three different Street Fighter books with comparably long names.

So who needs SDCC? They can keep their panels and their reveals... and their Metroplexes with two guns and mini-figures... and their Dragonzord/Tigerzord Legacy Morphers... and... aw, phooey. At least we can still get the cool books.