Much Mega Man Goodness at San Diego Comic-Con

24ea4a7fdfeb62d718e87ce0ee08c469620643db5a90e805bcfa366362112591 The San Diego Comic-Con is once again upon us, taking place from July 18th through 21st next week, and as usual, there are plenty of goodies to be gotten and things to check out, including some Blue Bomber swag from Capcom. Read on for the rundown.

In addition to the SDCC-exclusive hardcover version of MM25: Mega Man and Mega Man X Official Complete Works from UDON Entertainment and a special variant of Archie's Mega Man #24, there is also the much talked-about 10-inch 25th Anniversary Mega Man statue with lights and stand for $100. Plus, the life-size giant version will be on hand for photo ops!

But wait! If you purchase the statue at Comic-Con, then you'll also take home the inflatable Mega Buster (seen above) for free!

The Mega Man cases for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL will also be available at Capcom's booth, going for $15 and $20, respectively.

Finally, the Mega Man keychain seen at the top of this article is made of stainless steel, is limited to 1,000 pieces, and goes for $10 apiece.

In addition, Archie will be holding their annual "Archie Action Hour: Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man" panel on Sunday at 1pm in Room 28DE:

Get ready for action in San Diego! It’s been a huge year for the two most popular video game comic titles as Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man joined together for the first time ever in this year's biggest crossover event: "Worlds Collide"—and it’s only going to get better! Executive Director of Editorial Paul Kaminski is joined by Archie Comics President Mike Pellerito, writer Ian Flynn (Sonic the Hedgehog) and artists Ryan Jampole (Mega Man), Jon Gray (Sonic the Hedgehog) and Evan Stanley (Sonic the Hedgehog). See exclusive artwork, learn about upcoming storylines, and get the latest on the All that plus attendees will power-up with a FREE gift bag chock full of Archie Action Awesomeness! Be there!

If you're planning to attend the panel, we'd love to get a report from you!

On top of all that, some of the creative talent behind the Mega Man comic book will be on hand for autograph signings throughout the weekend. For your convenience, here are the relevant ones:

Thursday Signing Times:

1pm – 2pm: Ian Flynn (Sonic, Mega Man, Red Circle) 3:30pm – 4:30pm: Ryan Jampole (Mega Man)

Friday Signing Times:

12:30pm – 1:30pm: Ian Flynn & Ryan Jampole (Sonic, Mega Man) 2:30pm – 3:30pm: Ian Flynn & Evan Stanley (Sonic, Mega Man, Red Circle)

Saturday Signing Times:

12pm – 1pm: Ian Flynn & Ryan Jampole (Sonic, Mega Man)

Sunday Signing Times:

3pm – 4pm: Ian Flynn & Ryan Jampole (Sonic, Mega Man)

Sources: Capcom Unity, Archie Comics