Now to Announce the D-Arts Forte Giveaway Winner...

dartsforte We put out the call for a chance to win Bandai's D-Arts Forte action figure, and had you suggest your own ideas would Bass star in his own game. There were some pretty interesting ideas! For being a baddie, Bass is pretty popular. Nevertheless, only one response could be chosen. And then response ended up being from... DigiRock!

A “What if” story game that kind of runs parallel to a Mega Man story. Each level Bass battles through errant robots in his way as Mega makes his way through a Robot Master dungeon. If Bass gets to the Robot Master first, he can dispose of him and face Mega Man himself with the Robot Master weapon in his arsenal to impede his progress. After the eight bosses are played through, he can meet up with Mega Man to finally see who is the strongest.

If you manage to beat him using only your buster and have avoided dying, you can go after Wily and get rid of him, so the true ending would be Bass carving out his own destiny.

Very cool stuff. Congrats, DigiRock! And thank you to everyone who entered! I know we can only provide so much, but rest assured that chances to win more goods are coming down the road! Good luck everyone!