New World, New Armor and Much More in Rockman Xover

xoverupdateThe newest updated to Rockman Xover is here. First of all a new world is available. World 8 is themed after Mega Man 7, and pits you against Slash Man, Shade Man, Junk Man and Spring Man. Naturally, the final boss is Bass. Additionally there is a new form as well. As we teased last week, OVER-9 is an electric elemental form, and thus is strong against water and ice bosses. No other special details, however. But that isn't all. Continue reading on to hear about special new cards, a new campaign for the Android edition, and Tron in  a sexy swimsuit.


First of all, a couple of special edition Battle Memory cards. These are being given out for the Capcom Summer Festival, at the Huis Ten Bosch resort and park in Nagasaki. The first features Mega Man crossed with the park's mascot, Tuly. The second uses artwork by manga artist Yusuke Murata, who was the original designers of Dust Man and Crystal Man as a kid. The festival starts from July 13th.

Next is a special offer for Android users. Those who get the game now until June 30th (which is right around the corner) will automatically be rewarded with the Legend Armor, which makes OVER-1 look like classic Mega Man, and ten E-Tanks.


And last, a couple new cards to be added. It appears Battle Memory cards may start advertising D-Arts figures (although this card looks more like a concept). And another card features new artwork of Tron Bonne looking ready for summer. Yowzah!

Special thanks to Django for the info! Some images via and Rockman Unity