"Getting Mega Man into Smash Bros. was Easy" says Sakurai

65801610 Since the announcement of Mega Man's much deserved inclusion in Super Smash Bros., some fans have been wondering just how the deal was brokered. Smash producer Masahiro Sakurai gives some insight in an interview with Polygon.

Sakurai says the addition of Mega Man to the Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS roster is a reflection of the winnowing down of candidates. He brings features and characteristics, like his ability to use various Robot Masters attacks, to the roster that you don't see in other characters, Sakurai says. Mega Man's addition came about at the behest of fans as well. After Sonic the Hedgehog — who appeared in Super Smash Bros. Brawl — Mega Man was the most requested guest character, Sakurai said.

Getting Capcom's approval for Mega Man was easy, to hear Sakurai tell it.

"We approached Capcom with the idea and they were very favorable and open to it," he said. Sakurai and the teams at Sora Ltd. and Namco Bandai focused on the classic NES-style of Mega Man, a chunkier, less angular, less sleek version of the character. The Smash Bros. version of Mega Man focuses more on his ability to absorb others' powers, de-emphasizing punching and kicking. Mega Man's mega uppercut, which Sakurai says was inspired by the character's appearance in Marvel vs. Capcom, is one of his few melee attacks. "The approval process, in terms of how we're representing Mega Man, was actually really smooth and went really quickly."

I know there's been some consternation that Capcom really didn't care about Mega Man getting into Smash, but it looks like they were happy to get behind it all this time!

Via GoNintendo