Feast Your Eyes on MM25: Mega Man and Mega Man X Official Complete Works (Update)

mm25_print_proof_stackUDON Entertainment has just recently posted the picture you see at right (click for full size) on their blog, showing the printing proof version of MM25: Mega Man and Mega Man X Official Complete Works, which is a high-resolution laser color printout of the book for them to look over and check for errors. According to UDON chief Erik Ko, "this is the biggest printing stack ever." "While the final book won’t measure the 3 or 4 inches tall that this print stack does, it does hopefully give you an idea of just how BIG a deal MM25 is going to be! Replacing our Mega Man Official Complete Works and Mega Man X Official Complete Works, this 430+ page MONSTER faithfully reproduces the recently released Japanese edition, R20+5!"

If you're interested in securing a copy (the original versions have been known to be hard to find after a while), you can pre-order on Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, and on BarnesAndNoble.com. Additionally, it will be featured in the June edition of Diamond Distributors' Previews catalog, which covers items shipping in August, under the code "JUN131309."

Source: Operation Rainfall

Update: We've just received a tip from Dr. Wily that Diamond's Previews catalog has a hardcover version of the book slated for an August 28th release in comic book stores, with a price of $59.99.