Covers and Solicitation for Mega Man #29

Megaman-29   Megaman-29-var
It appears that even after facing a crisis that bends universes and reality, the Blue Bomber still isn't getting a respite. I guess that's the lot of all heroes. Following straight after the end of the Worlds Collide story arch, Mega Man will immediately have to deal with the alien threat Ra Moon, who has been bolstering support for Dr. Wily (it would seem). It's pretty fascinating how much influence the odd bird side game Super Adventure Rockman has had in this comic. This issue comes with a variant cover by Dean Haspial (pictured right). The solicitation reads:

The biggest storyline in Mega Man comic history starts here! "BLACKOUT: Curse of Ra Moon" Part One: The world has shut down!  When the power of Ra Moon robs the Earth of all its technology, it’s up to Mega Man and a handful of Robot Masters to set things right. But just how can robots handle the force of a technological meltdown if they’re cut off from the ability to re-charge? Has Mega Man fallen right into Dr. Wily’s trap?  Or has Wily underestimated his mysterious new ally? Featuring all-new cover art from Patrick "SPAZ" Spaziante, and variant cover by comics-superstar Dean Haspiel!

News Credit: Newsarama, via Mega Man Monthly