Support Archie's Mega Man by Joining the Light Brigade!

The Light Brigade The above may look familiar to you if you've been keeping up with the "Worlds Collide" story arc spanning Archie's Mega Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Sonic Universe comics-- Mega Man in particular, but have you taken the oath?

In truth, this isn't just hyperbole: Now more than ever, Mega Man needs us to spread the word. Without any new games from Capcom to help drive interest, the comic book is pretty much the focal point of the franchise right now, and while word has it that numbers are good, it would mean a lot if they were better. Even if you're not sure about the "Worlds Collide" story arc, supporting the book now means it will be there later, so don't delay-- buy the book and spread the word today!

(Thanks to Erico for the scan!)