Mega Man Comes to the Virtual Console! ...Again! ...Again (Update)

What would a Nintendo Virtual Console be without Mega Man? Thankfully, we may never have to find out, as viewers of the above "sizzle reel" from Nintendo today caught a quick glimpse of the Blue Bomber blasting bots in his original adventure. And for those worried about the prospect of shelling out $5 for a third consecutive time to download this, worry not; as this Wii U version of the service gets underway, those who purchased the game for the Wii and ported it over to Nintendo's newest will only have to pay a single solitary dollar to upgrade your game to include such features as Restore Points, Off-TV play, and Miiverse functionality.

Feel free to discuss your excitement for these features or to lament the lack of Mega Man 6, Mega Man 7, and Mega Man X3 in the comments below.

Update: And apparently, Rockman 3 is in the pipeline, too.