Check Out Rockman Xover's Boss Character Entries

wily25th Rockman Xover's first ever original boss character contest is about an hour away from drawing to a close. As of now the venture has secured about 740 entries. Still a far cry from even the roughly 8,000 Rockman 2 garnered back in an age without internet, but... yeah. And being available on the internet, that assured a pretty good variety of entries. Some interesting ones, some detailed ones, some amusing ones, and some that I don't think are meant to be taken seriously.

However, I think my personal favorite is easily the one pictured above: Wily Machine 25th Anniversary. Why's everything gotta be about the Blue Bomber? It's Dr. Wily's 25th birthday too, after all! But I think the likely winner is Steal Man, who will take your Battle Memory cards and force you to buy more.

You can check out more on the entry gallery. You'll need an account with Niconico to view each image proper, but you can still browse the thumbnails otherwise. The nominees are planned to be revealed later this month.