World 6 Added to Rockman Xover (update)

photo Rockman Xover received a shiny new patch today, bringing with it World 6 and.. not a whole lot else. Bosses are from Mega Man Zero from top to bottom we have Aztec Falcon, Maha Ganeshariff, Blizzack Staggroff  and Herculious Anchus. Hit the jump to see the rest of the overview!


Overall, the new landscape for World 6 is a breath of fresh air to Rockman Xover instead of the mechanical highways we've all come accustom to. Right away we're treated to a lively yet still mechanical forest to set our eyes on for the course of this world, this is easily the best looking sprite-work this game has offered us thus far. As you go through these stages, you'll be listening to a short sample of Zero's theme from Mega Man Zero, although the boss theme is still Rock-Men's version of X vs Zero.


Sadly, however I couldn't beat a single boss in world 6. This is due to the World 6 bosses being insanely overpowered, and with no way to make my character stronger than he already is, all I can do is hope World 6 gets nerfed like World 5 did a few months back. While it's upsetting that I can't provide screens with who the "final boss" of world 6 is, Gamer has inside sources hinting that it's Leviathan, and to top it all off, Gamer also had an image of Mega Man running through an Xover stage. Should be interesting to see how that'll be implemented to say the least.