A New Rockman Fan Festival is in the Works: Mega Rock Fan Festa

mrff Last year we informed you about Rock Party, which is actually taking place tomorrow in Japan time. Really wish I could go! But making a day trip to Tokyo is neither cheap nor easy. Hopefully we'll see some good coverage coming out of it.

But that aside, there is already a new Blue Bomber celebration being planned. This is the Mega Rock Fan Festa, which has the aim to be the greatest Rockman fan event of all time.  After the break below, you can read the very moving declaration by CAP Kobun, the event committee's representative.

Planned festivities include a marketplace for doujin goods, an exhibition of Rockman goods throughout the past 25 years, a talk session and game competition with the Spiceman crew (Ippo Yamada, Hitoshi Ariga and Yoshihiro Iwamoto), a brand new musical performance of Live Communicated Rockman (by the NSF MUSIC COLLECTIVE and SENSORS), and a live DJ playing various Rockman tunes.

Mega Rock Fan Festa is set to take place on June 29th, a Saturday, at the Lapin Et Halot gallery in Shibuya, Tokyo. The event runs from 1PM to 9PM and admission is ¥4,000.

Hrrmm, Tokyo yet again. But this doesn't seem like an event to miss! We'll share more info as it becomes available. Don't forget to read the declaration before the break!

It's been a fast 25 years since the original "Rockman" for Famicom was born in 1987. In that time, Rockman has grown to be a character beloved all over the world.

In the same period, boys and girls who've enjoyed Rockman have grown into adults, and Rockman is active in many forms around the world. I too, as an individual among that crowd, have run along with Rockman since my youth, and today still I continue to walk alongside those characters.

Twenty-five years since Rockman's birth. Today, Rockman is in a great upheaval. New works and goods still come out with unprecedented fervor, and on the surface everything looks great. But if you look from another perspective, Rockman is now facing his greatest battle in history. Over the course of a quarter century transition, a number of voices declaring "Rockman is finished" have emerged.

Therefore we ought to encourage the feelings of fans who root for Rockman and his future. Cooperating with people who won't give up on Rockman, and continue to love it, we put together the "MRFF Committee" and have kicked off plans for "the greatest ROckman event in history, to celebrate 25 years."

And so, this is the Rockman 25th anniversary event we prayed that all fans will convene. A dream collaboration that leaps over the barriers of host and participant; real world and cyber world. It's because it's 25 years now that we can do it. This is what's really a "Xover"!

All Rockman fans, assemble!