Mega Man Makes Lists of Greatest Sidekicks & Awesome Plot Twists

die-wily Wow, it seems like Mega Man sure is showing up on varying lists lately.

Okay, so Mega Man didn't technically make the list of greatest sidekicks-- rather, two characters from Mega Man (i.e. the franchise) did, just to get that out of the way. Both Rush and Zero are on Dorkly's list, which you can find here, and was apparently voted on by readers. And for those ready to raise issue with Zero's inclusion, just be sure to read the entry first.

The other instance is Mega Man 7 appearing on Topless Robot's 7 Awesome Videogame Plot Twists That Were Never Followed Up On. Of course, as we all know, Mega Man could probably fill that list by itself, but it's still cool to see sites beyond our circle remembering moments like this and including them.

So give both a look and feel free to discuss in the comments. Oh, and do note that both sites tend to feature language, themes, etc. which might be NSFW, though these two articles seem relatively safe.