Watch Capcom Unity's Livestream of Mega Man V to Win Mega Man 10!

MegamanvboxAt 3 o'clock PM PST/6pm EST, Capcom Unity is holding a livestream of one of the most elusive jewels of the Classic Mega Man series, Mega Man V for the Game Boy. The game has yet to be re-released, as plans for Mega Man Anniversary Collection (nee Mania) for the Game Boy Advance was axed, while Capcom has taken a detour back to NES-ville for the Nintendo 3DS's Virtual Console releases. For those unfamiliar, this is the Game Boy game which broke out of what had been a traditional mold to that point, offering all new stages based on the planets of the solar system and new enemies to inhabit them in the form of the powerful Stardroids. Furthermore, it was the sole Mega Man Game Boy game to fully support the Super Game Boy adapter for the Super NES, lending a custom Metool-populated border and a splash of color to the proceedings. Which way will Capcom Unity play? Tune in and see!

You may also want to tune in for a chance to win a free download code for Mega Man 10. All the Mega Magic goes down on Capcom Unity's TwitchTV Channel, so don't miss it!

News Credit: Protodude's Rockman Corner