Have a Word with Mega Man X

tumblr_mduotvPIqJ1qzo008o1_500by Razorsaw They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. So, what does that say about a picture that's made of words? Josh Mirman has brought multiple characters to life through the use of "typography" style art, which you can see at his blog, Very Wordy Drawings.

That said, you may remember Josh bringing Mega Man and Proto Man to life via typography. Well, now he's done three of the heavy hitters of the Mega Man X series: X, Zero, and their nemesis Vile! We have to say, these three Reploids are looking rather sharp!

If you want to purchase Josh's designs as prints or as t-shirts, details can be found in the blog post itself! Special thanks to Josh himself for bringing this to our attention.