Rockman.EXE: The Program of Light and Dark Fan Dub on the Way

We recently received word that an English fan dub of the Japanese animated movie, Rockman.EXE: The Program of Light and Dark, is underway. Headed up by Nat400, details are few except to say that the full movie is coming "soon." In the meantime, you can view the teaser above.

Though Viz localized the first three seasons of the Rockman.EXE cartoon as MegaMan NT Warrior and MegaMan NT Warrior Axess, the subsequent seasons (Beast +, Beast, and Stream, which the film was tied into) never saw their way to this side of the ocean, while only the pre-Axess seasons were released on DVD. That said, it seems that the dubbers are following in the spirit of the voice casting for the NT Warrior series (including an older Lan), rather than the Japanese version.

For those unfamiliar with the premise of the film, it involves the return of Dr. Regal with a new threat to the online world, Nebula Gray. Joined by Raika and Chaud, Lan uses CrossFusion to infiltrate a Netopian military installation to put an end to the menace, only to find that neither he nor the newly-returned Bass aren't strong enough to handle this alone.