A Fantastic Mega Man 3 Arrangement for Chiptune Lovers

Now here's an arrangement I can really get behind! Chiptune artist RushJet1 (whose work has been featured on the album Chiptuned Rockman), brings us a chiptune arrangement of Mega Man 3's superb soundtrack nine months in the making. But wait, doesn't MM3 already have chip programmed music? That's the thing, this arrangement uses Konamis VRC6 chip, which added three additional sound channels to the typical NES's four. What you get is a soundtrack that has much more depth, but still wreaks of old school awesomeness.

The above video is a complete gameplay of Mega Man 3 using the new soundtrack, but you can listen to or purchase it from Bandcamp as well, and I'd say it's well worth it. Besides just overall great sound, the album has some nice surprises as well, including special arrangements for... well, I'll just let you see for yourself. If you love Mega Man or chiptune music, this album will have you grinning and rocking out!

Thanks to Destructoid's Tony for the tip!