Mega Man as Seen from Space, and More

Minecraft is one heck of a thing. Besides standing on its own to become something of a modern-day gaming cult classic, people go on to create the most amazing things within the boundaries of the world they are given. Some create working calculators; others, art. In this case, TheNM22 has harvested enough resources and material to create a number of works inspired by the NES and beyond, including plenty of Mega Man. At the time they wrote to us, they had assembled a complete recreation of the Mega Man 2 stage select screen, which you can see at right (click to enlarge), but since then, they've gone on to round out the initial trilogy. See for yourself here.

But that's far from all; keep reading to see some of more of TheNM22's Mega Man-inspired Minecraft masterpieces.

Brothers in Battle

Bass and Cut Man duel over who has the sharpest headgear

Do we have visitors on the island?

In case the Flutter recreation didn't make things apparent enough, the message at the bottom of the ladder delivers TheNM22's sentiment loud and clear.