Looks Like Bass is Getting the D-Arts Treatment (Treble Too!)

Good morning, fellow Mega Man fans. How about a little bit of figure news that may blow your minds? Check out this top pic of D-Arts Mega Man from Bandai. Pretty nice, eh? But who's that to the left? Who could that-yeah okay it's pretty Bass. I mean how could that not be Bass?

Details are still very much obscure as I write this up, but more should come with the opening of the Tamashii Nations 2012 exhibition (this photo is a preview shot). Naturally we will continue looking for more info. Stay tuned as always!

UPDATE: New pictures added direct from Tamashii Nations! Hit the jump for more, including Black Zero and the Sigma and Ride Armor prototypes.

UPDATE 2: Many more great pics can be seen on Rockman Unity. Thanks, Ucchy-san!

News Credit: Wizaman and CAP Kobun (Images via Charanet)