Guess What? Another Rockman Arranged Album! "ROCKMAN HOLIC"

We're becoming so inundated with Rockman albums this 25th anniversary, you could practically get drunk on them. Appropriately, then, the newest announced album is called "ROCKMAN HOLIC ~the 25th anniversary~". This time the album is being produced by music circle SOUND HOLIC, and it's their debut album.

For the uninitiated, which included myself, SOUND HOLIC is a long running independent music label, employing a wide array of musicians and singers. They've contributed a great deal to doujin works appearing in Comiket, Nico Video and Touhou Project. But now they're jumping on Rockman's 25th anniversary for their first leap into major retail.

The description on the Amazon JP listing states that the album will consist of songs from the early Rockman series (not necessarily limited to classic) done in a variety of styles, including jazz, rock and dance. Also, expect some singing, because the album will include the talent of vocalists such as NaNa Takahashi, A~YA, 709sec, aki, Hanatan and anporin. Yep... all your favorites, with more to come. Furthermore, the first run of the album will be produced in a special package. You can also browse the ROCKMAN HOLIC website, and follow the album on Twitter.

ROCK HOLIC comes out on December 19th (same day as We are ROCK-MEN! 2) and will retail for ¥1,980 (roughly $23.25 US). We'll keep you posted on more details, as well as the other fifty Rockman arrange albums bound to pop up.

News Credit: CAP Kobun