Original Fan Mega Man Music to Liven Up Your Ears

Mega Man music rocks, and talented fans love to remix and arrange it. But sometimes you can only play with the same songs so much. That's when you make your OWN Mega Man music. Why not?

Our pal Tony of Destructoid has been bringing us word of a couple new completely Mega Man themed fan soundtracks. First, we have a new Rokko Chan arranged album called Rokko Chan: Extended Play. If you forgot, Rokko Chan was a well made Mega Man inspired fan game that came out late last year, and caught a pretty devoted following. The new album is headed up by Dj Cutman and a bevvy of other artists.

Next up, Mega Man 11. No, really!

Sadly, this is not for a "real" Mega Man 11 in production or anything. It's a conceptual album that imagines what songs for a Mega Man 11 could be like. They're composed by Xavier Dang faithfully in 8-bit chiptune style - you can even get the soundtrack as an emulated NES music file! The 29 track album has also been supported by interested fans contributing artwork and the like to really help bring it alive.

As always, the fans come together and make the most awesome stuff. That's what I love so much about this community!