More Details for Capcom All Stars, With Everyone

Capcom All Stars, With Everyone is back in the news, this time with more details on what the game is about, who will be in it and a release date!

The game will be a social "hero training RPG", according to Siliconera. This means it will likely be a card game with RPG elements, much in the same vein as games like Fantasica. Also of note is how the characters on the revealed header image will not be the only ones in the game, with X, Tron Bonne and a Servbot clearly shown in new artwork for the game.

Capcom All Stars, With Everyone launches on October 25th for the GREE mobile platform in Japan. If you register the game before October 24th, you get the super rare Chun Li card based on the teaser art above. For smartphones (Android, iPhone) go here, for feature phones go here. You will need a GREE account to register the game before launch.

The game will be compatible with DoCoMo feature phones, Android 2.2 and up, and iOS 4.3 and up.

Sources: Siliconera, Famitsu App, Official Site