TGS Trailer for Rockman Xover Celebrates 25 Years of Rockman (Updated)

Capcom of Japan has just posted a new trailer for Rockman Xover, one apparently meant for the Tokyo Game Show. Check it out:

Following a quick look at the legacy of Rockman, including Classic, Rockman X, Rockman.EXE, Rockman ZX, and Ryuusei no Rockman (no Zero or DASH? Seriously? At least they're still in the promo image at the end), we get a peek at the setting and the "New HERO," Over-1.

After that, we see some background images which seem to be indicative of the ways in which you can customize Over-1, including some animalistic features (including claws), a large shield, and some other weapons. From there, it goes into some gameplay footage, including some sort of trading card (Battle Chip?)-styled system featuring various weapons and foes from throughout the series.

It doesn't tell us much more than we already know, but at least we get a few inklings of what to expect. Hopefully TGS will yield more information, including what that "Auto Play" feature is all about.

Update: New details below.

From Famitsu, Heat Man brings us a bit more information about the version of the game seen on the show floor:

The demo on the TGS floor contains a "Quest" with Storm Eagle as the boss. The stage itself has forced scrolling gameplay, allowing you to jump and shoot with buttons on the screen's lower-right. Also, once a gauge on the middle right fills up, you can perform a special move that has a large attack area.

The gameplay changes when you reach the boss, and you are able to fight with two different attacks. Additionally, although we could not select them in the demo, the menu also has "Power Up," "Team Battle," and "Master Boss" to choose from.

We'll keep you updated if anything more comes up.