MegaMan.EXE Named #1 on "Most Implausible Hackers" List

It's not too often we see the Blue Bomber, in any of the many iterations or forms taken over the years, ranking as number one on a list (except where "worst box art" is concerned, of course). So imagine our surprise to find that none other than MegaMan.EXE managed to do just that! The list? Topless Robot's "8 of the Most Implausible Hackers in Nerd-Dom" list, where he joins more from the likes of Law & Order, Jurassic Park, and Darkwing Duck, among others to receive the dubious honor.

If you'd like to see the full list for yourself, just click this link. Just remember, there is often Not Safe For Work language there.

Thanks to Andrew Dickman for the tip (I actually read TR daily, and didn't even think to look at this particular list)!