A Couple New Rockman Xover Details (Updated Artwork, Images, Details)

Well, it's about time we looked back at this, no? I'm not certain of the source (perhaps Famitsu), but fan blog COCOROG is detailing some new facts on the iOS social RPG Rockman Xover (crossover).

First and foremost is the revelation of the protagonist's name: OVER-1 (over one). Have to admit, Light and Cossack have really slipped in naming their creations these days. Then again, OVER-1 is supposed to be a mass production model, so perhaps it has little use as a personal name.

Other than that, it appears players will use "Battle Chips" to customize their own OVER-1s. Despite the name, it's thought that these Battle Chips don't have any connection to the Battle Network series (and instead pertain to the usage of "Battle Memory" mentioned on the official site's dossier).

UPDATE: With the added Famitsu scan, we've come to learn some additional details. First, the game will indeed be free to play, but will charge money for items and such (although that doesn't mean paying money is the only way to get items, as is the case for many games like this). The game's stages, called quests, appear to be modeled after tradition side scrolling gameplay, but there is still no information specifically about controls. Finally, it appears you will be able to summon your friends' own unique OVER-1 characters into battle, as demonstrated in the D-REX fight screen.

UPDATE 2: Here's a previously never-seen screen grab from Famitsu. It seems to show a boss battle with one other OVER-1 character, complete with different palette. Also added is the official artwork for OVER-1.

We'll keep an eye on this and see if we can't find any other bits of data. You can also check our previous story for other details.

Thanks for the tip, Reploid 21XX!