A Few D-Arts Tidbits from Bluefin/Tamashii Nations at Otakon

While at this year's Otakon, we got to speak with Bluefin Tamashii Nations about the Mega Man X D-Arts figures from Bandai, and picked up a few interesting little tidbits. And after double-checking on the details, we're ready to share this information with you. However, do bear in mind that some of these details are tentative and not concrete, but should give you an idea of what to expect nonetheless. First is that you can expect to see the black Zero Type 2 figure and a re-release of the original Mega Man X figure sometime in early 2013. It could be as early as January, but that remains to be seen.

The other thing is that we have some rough price estimates for Vile's Robot Ride Armor and Sigma. Sigma, a rather large figure, is predicted to have a price of around $60. This isn't bad given his size compared to the other figures and what they cost. The Ride Armor, however, may be priced at over $100. Again, bear in mind that these are simply estimates, and they are still under consideration to be made into an actual product.

That's it for now, though we're hopeful that maybe something new (or even more concrete, in the cases of Sigma and the Ride Armor) will come from the upcoming "Tamashii Features Vol 4" show. What would you like to see revealed there, if anything?