Fan Game Gives Mega Man 2 Robot Masters Their Day

Should be no surprise that Mega Man fan games continue to garner a lot of admiration and awe. Here is one such fan game. Mega Man: Day in the Limelight 2, brought to you by the same people behind Mushroom Kingdom Fusion, is essentially a rearranged version of the game Mega Man 3. The big twist, however, is that instead of playing as Mega Man, you play as Mega Man 2's cast of Robot Masters who have been reprogrammed for good. Considering that both Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3 are pillars of the series, combining them is a no-brainer.

As you might expect, each Robot Master has his own unique weapon and abilities, and the stages have been arranged to take advantage of those skill sets. At the outset, you must play each stage with a certain Robot Master. When it's cleared, however, that Robot Master becomes unlocked and free to use any time; you can even switch Robot Masters in mid stage.

I only sampled it a small bit so far, but I was really taken by the new elements. Stages definitely get longer and more challenging, but are never crushingly unfair (maybe a couple cheap enemy placements, though). Truth be told, though, I'm awful at playing platformers with a keyboard.

While the above trailer cites the game as 0.6 beta, the completed version 1.0 was just recently released, and you can grab it here. If you like trying out Mega Man fan games, I definitely recommend it! After all, you can play as Heat Man!

Thanks for passing this along, Rynen10K!