Support Mega Man in Smash Bros. via Fan Poll

I've been a little reluctant on this news, but we've received a number of tips about it, so we'll let you decide. Gaming fan site VG Tribune has been running a poll about third party characters fans would want to see in the next incarnation of Super Smash Bros. Currently Mega Man is in second place, behind The Legend of Zelda's Skull Kid. It's not much time, but you still have until tomorrow night to show your support. Personally, I'm a little skeptical about the effectiveness of this poll. VG Tribune promises to bring the results directly to Masahiro Sakurai, but I see no details about how that will be conducted or its apparent likelihood of success. Of course, there's really nothing to lose in giving support, just so long as you keep your hopes realistic. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see Mega Man in Smash Bros. as much as the next guy!

Thanks to all who tipped us off about this one!

Image by Kevin X. Nelms