Get Equipped With: Air Fresheners

The Connecticut-based fragrance company who call themselves "Epic-Scents" announced at the San Diego Comic-Con last week that, as part of a partnership with Capcom, they will be debuting their new line of video game-themed scents with Mega Man's "Cool Rush" and Proto Man's "Apple Cinnamon" air fresheners. "We really want gamers to know that we are making a fragrance that is an experience of who that character is," Epic-Scents project director Jim Kavanaugh explained to The Verge. "We're not saying this is what Mega Man the metal robot smells like, this is a fragrance that expresses him."

"The whole concept was video games and fragrances," he continued. "It has been done in the past, but not by people with the experience. There is a lot of passion for video games here. When we select a character we want to select a fragrance that is an expression of that character."

As the scents themselves go, Mega Man's "Cool Rush" is the result of the perfumers attempting to "capture the essence of a boy put into a man's role." "There is a purity in him, he has a real pure heart," Kavanaugh said, "but there is also masculinity, and bravery."

Meanwhile, Proto Man gets "Apple Cinnamon," which is "kind of spicy because he's a bit of a rebel," says Kavanaugh.

"There are strong ties between memories and fragrance," Kavanaugh said. "We want to tie that fragrance to that character, when you use our air fresheners you will remember the nostalgia of playing that game."

The air fresheners will begin hitting some stores in the next two to four weeks, with national availability coming this Fall. Kavanaugh said that they hope to expand into the realm of "fine fragrances" like perfume and cologne. Kind of a shame they aren't leading with those, given that the Summer convention season is shifting into high gear. In any case, they should be affordable enough for most any Mega Man fan, with a retail price of $3 each.

Epic-Scents doesn't plan to stop with Mega Man, though, and is asking people to tell them on Facebook which characters they would like to see represented. Just try to resist the urge to suggest MegaMan Volnutt, as that would likely result in a fragrance which combines loneliness, despair, and a thick layer of dust.

Source: via Yahoo! Games Plugged In

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