100,000 Strong Says "Screw It, We'll Build the Rocket Ourselves"

"Fine! If you're not going to build a rocket to get MegaMan Volnutt off the moon, then we will!" In addition to the news of a concept album revealed in the latest Roll's Wrap-Up earlier, 100,000 Strong for Mega Man Legends 3/Get Me Off the Moon announced on this anniversary of the cancellation of the game in question the plan of a group to build their own rocket.

Of course, this gesture is only symbolic. Group member Laron Tyrrell, aka Zetta, notes "Our rocket is going to be approximately 3ft tall and is going to be launched in Texas with the help of Get Me Off The Moon’s Roll cosplayer and several professionals. There’ll be a video of the rocket’s launch and photos of the rocket and crew."

Click here to see a video about the rocket project, and here if you would like to help fund it.