Get Charged Up - These are the Elec Man Resin Kit Winners!

We had an interesting prize to give away this month - three Elec Man resin kits by Planeswalker. Not exactly a prize aimed at general fans, but great for those do-it-yourselfers who don't mind putting in a bit of effort. Well, without further ado, here are the three comments chosen via random selection lottery: tj4real

the first Megaman game, cutman’s stage! i don’t know, being it the first stage i tried, stage was simple and i found it very fun and found the music to be catchy. :)


I think I’d have to say Tengu Man’s stage in Mega Man 8. The feeling of flying on Rush in that mass open space of clouds just felt extremely cool to me! Heh, I remember as an 11-12 year old kid that I liked to re-imagine Mega Man in epic anime-action-style, doing the same things I was doing in that stage. Well, okay, I -still- do that. lol

Above all, though, the stage was just extremely fun to me in a unique way. I had the most incredibly epic time flying around on Rush without having to worry about an energy meter, and just pelting away at enemies.


My favorite stage is Cold Man from Megaman and Bass due to the great music and nice looking graphics.

Congratulations, you three! Notification emails have already been dispatched, so please get back to us ASAP. We also hope you'll show us your completed statues! And to the rest, thank you for participating! Don't lose heart, we'll have more great goods to give away before you know it!