You Are Dr. Wily!

That's how this advertisement for Rockman 2's boss contest sells itself. This apparently comes from a pretty old issue of Family Computer Magazine. Most of the text just tells the story of Rockman, questions what Dr. Wily's true form really is, promises some huge sized bosses, and uses the original game's boss characters to imply it could be YOUR bosses in the game.

Some interesting things to note. First, it doesn't actually say how many bosses they are recruiting for, at least as far as I can see on the page, so kids at the time might have suspected it to still be six (edit: it actually does mention eight bosses in the small text). Second, the game already has an established release date for December. The entry deadline itself is July 31st of that year. This means Keiji and crew had around four months to decide, design and program all eight bosses before the game came out! Finally, the logo seems to be a prototype design, with different coloration.

News credit via Protodude's Rockman Corner. Image credit via tin*1*rider.