D-Arts Zero Fades to Black on Yahoo! Japan Auctions

What's better than Zero? Well, depending on the game (and how liberal you are about code usage, in some cases), the answer would be "Zero in black." First appearing in Mega Man X2 as a result of Sigma's failure to "study the blueprints closely" (maybe he's color blind?), the black-armored Zero has become something of a series staple in nearly every subsequent Mega Man X game the character has appeared in, whether it's as an upgrade from Dr. Light in X5 or the timed Hyper Mode of Command Mission. And now there's a chance to have one of your very own... that is, if you or someone you know lives in Japan.

Thanks to a tip from our friend Nightram from the Video Game Memorabilia Museum, we have word that there are currently two auctions on Yahoo! Japan auctions for custom figures which help bring out D-Arts Zero's full potential. Interestingly, they are not the same-- one features purple-bladed Z-Sabers, the other green.

Of course, being Yahoo! Japan Auctions, you'll either need to live in Japan or have the help or a proxy in order to step up for to claim these prizes. And even then, power comes at a price: You'll also need to have 15,800 Yen (about $197.94 USD) in order to make the purchase, which is probably going to be a stopping point for some of you, if the Japan thing wasn't.

Still, they're there for the taking, and you can see the pictures below if you want to consider rounding out your "evolution of Zero" through D-Arts, as we have yet to hear anything about an official release of Zero in his darker duds.