Don't Worry, Ariga is Working On It!

Last year, Hitoshi Ariga mentioned that he was working on a new Mega Man project, but has been pretty silent about it since of course. That's no reason to think nothing is progressing, though. Granted, I know a lot of you are eager and have been pestering at him about it. As a result, Ariga gives us this statement via DeviantArt:

Whoa, now I'm getting ambushed by all kinds of clever questions! Maybe I shouldn't have said anything at all? ;) When we were working to release Gigamix in Japan, it took a long time to get it all together properly and I was grateful for everyone who showed excitement over it. With this new project, I hope I can count on everyone to once again be patient with us as we work to produce something that will delight you!

The one thing I hope you'll all believe is that I love Mega Man with a passion! ... even if most of my tweets lately have been about Pokemon. (lol)

I promise I will make announcements as soon as there is new information I'm allowed to announce! Until then, I hope you'll all stick with me!

In other words, leave the guy be! He's got a family, plus Pokemon Black 2 & White 2 just came out! Like many things Mega Man right now, the info will come out when it's ready to come out.

Of course, by all means continue letting him know how awesome his work is!

News via GoNintendo