Dr. Wily Disappears from Film "Wreck-It Ralph"?

You'll recall sometime back of the interesting buzz surrounding the movie Wreck-It Ralph, featuring a host of video game villain cameos, including, apparently, Dr. Wily. However, in the newly released trailer for the movie, Wily appears to be replaced by... generic ninja guy?

I don't know, perhaps he's just too short to be seen among the group. But it seems Ralph's villain buddies accompany him through some of the film, and I'm just not seeing the mad scientist show up, much as I've looked. Furthermore, the original image showing Wily came from a pamphlet about the movie, when the film was still in production, so it's possible Wily was temporary for the time.

My greater concern is, still, when was Zangief ever a villain? A much better choice would have been Bald Bull, if they wanted that kind of character (people who grew up playing Punch-Out!! hate Bald Bull, I can assure you). But nevertheless, it still looks to be an entertaining flick, with or without the doctor.

Perhaps Mega Man 11 will focus on Wily's assault on Hollywood?

"My dressing room wasn't big enough!"

Thanks to Maverickdingo and Forte for the tip off!