Rockman 4 Golden Catridge Prices Skyrocketing

Of course, there is only one legitimate Rockman 4 cartridge on sale, which has been moved to Super Potato's most recently opened Osaka store. The fabled cart, one of only eight in the world and awarded to the Rockman 4 boss contest winners, used to run for ¥590,000. Back in 2007 (when we interviewed a Rockman 4 gold cart winner in a former life), that would have run you just about $5,000 US.

Since relocating, however, the price has jumped to ¥628,000. And with today's much worse exchange rate, you'd now have to fork over the equivalent of $8,000 US. Bet you're kicking yourself now for not buying it sooner!

Truth be told, I'm surprised anyway that no one has picked this up by now. There has to be someone out there with the spare cash and the whim. The last time I spied the gold cartridge, it didn't even have a price tag and I figured it wasn't for sale any longer. But until someone does finally grab it, we all get to view it at least!