Have a Merry Brettmas, Everyone!

We're a little late on this, but better late than never! Time for another random celebration of a Capcom employee playing a Mega Man game! Put on your festive overalls, bake a holiday meatloaf and fill top hats with coal. It's Brettmas! Lo, in the ancient times (a couple weeks ago); simpler times, there was a man named Brett. And the Grand Inquisitors (us nerds) put a challenge upon him: defeat the demonic trainfiend with naught but your own trusty sidearm. Much strife was endured and game overs spent, but at long last Ser Brett conquered the raging locomotyrant. And two other challenges that turned out to be pretty easy.

In other words, maybe you checked out Brett's Mega Man 5 play on Capcom Unity a while back. Sure, it's one of the easiest Mega Man titles out there, but we made him sweat a little in the beginning at least. But he played well, and showed some good skills. I can concur Mega Man fandom runs in his blood. And if you do too, head over to Capcom Unity and PM Brett telling him what a super player he is. Even if you're lying just a little, it's OK.

Furthermore, you can discuss the stream replay and how cool Brett is in the comments here as well, and like with Greg Day, we'll randomly select one person to win a Mega Man Universe headband. 'Cause we still got a few of those.

Anyway, celebrate! Comment! Play Mega Man 5! Get mesmerized staring at the animation in the top banner! It's Brettmas!

Top image by PressStart